Good News on Lowering The Risk of Dementia

All types of Dementia are progressive and without a cure. It makes sense then to lower the risk of getting dementia in any way possible. As an older adult and the daughter of parents who died of dementia, I pay attention to any research addressing prevention or lowering the risk. Recently, I was surprised to read of a study in Denmark where older adults who regularly use the computer had a lower risk of dying with dementia. This is a quote from the article:

” A longitudinal study of a large group of older adults showed that regular internet users had approximately half the risk of dementia compared to their same-age peers who did not use the internet regularly. This difference remained even after controlling for education, ethnicity, sex, generation, and signs of cognitive decline at the start of the study. Participants using the internet between 6 minutes and 2 hours per day had the lowest risk of dementia”.

So…being online to write this blog is part of my plan to lower my risk of dementia. Of course, there is much more I can do to reduce my risk, but this caught my attention, and yet something else one can do to lower the risk.

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