The Author

Margaret Sayers has been a follower of Jesus since age five and a nurse since age 20. In the late 1980’s Margaret became a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner and studied Epidemiology at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Every educational advancement for Margaret and all her professional roles honed her interest and competence in caring for older adults dealing with multiple chronic illnesses and frailty.

Margaret was part of a loving, Godly family, close to her grandparents, aunts, and uncles. So, it was natural, as each family member dealt with some degree of cognitive impairment and or dementia, that Margaret was involved in guiding the family through the best approaches to a stressful situation.

From her professional work, family involvement, and church affiliation, Margaret often shared her expertise with those who needed comfort and support. She often found herself in the same shoes as the anticipated reader of this booklet. As a result, her empathy and patience come through in these pages and her spiritual support and guidance ring true.

Margaret’s expertise in caring for older adults and empathy for their caregivers comes across clearly and brings needed medical information and spiritual comfort to the readers.

Margaret is a wife, mother, and grandmother living in Ontario, Canada.